Call now for our current rates

A few important points:

  • All lessons must be paid for in advance.
  • You can choose to pay per lesson or block book and save yourself some money.
  • You must give 24 hours’ notice of lesson cancellation otherwise you will be charged for that lesson.
  • If you’re looking for a voucher for a special birthday we can supply those as well. Just ask.

Cost of a Driving Test

(Including pre-test lesson) is £100.

Recommend a friend

If you recommend a friend, who books more than 10 hours with us we will give you a free hour’s tuition and if you recommend lots of people you will build up more free hours.

Intensive courses

We can arrange intensive courses but prefer to discuss your individual needs before fixing a price based on the number of lessons we believe you need to pass you test.   Before booking a course, we would take you out on an assessment lesson to decide which course is best for you. The cost of the assessment lesson is £35. So give us a call on 07779 595507.

Motorway lessons

After you’ve passed your test it is recommended that you have a minimum of two hours driving on a motorway. We charge £70.00 for the two hours. Please take a look at this to see why we recommend motorway lessons (and get your parents to have a look too).

Cost of Theory and Driving Tests

A car theory test costs £23 and the car practical test normally costs £62 – the full rates for different vehicles are shown in the tables. These are the prices to book your test using the official service. Unofficial websites may charge more, so book your test here and please quote my ADI Number 298505 when booking your driving test, if you wish to use my car for the test. This avoids double booking.